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5 Ways to Update a Room with Art

  1. Mixing Old and New

One of the best ways to freshen up a room is by combining a little bit of vintage with something very modern. Do this by adding an antique looking frame to a piece of modern art, or going the other way and putting a classic piece in a modern frame. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and experiment with stacked frames, floater frames, or even gallery wraps on pieces that would traditionally be in classic frames. It can give an unexpected twist to something timeless and elegant. Modern art can be easily fitted with a more elaborate and ornate frame to become a charming centerpiece.

  1. Introducing Metallic Elements

A little bit of shimmer always catches the eye. Try using a metallic frame that adds dimension to a room.  It can contrast well against a dark wall and create more light in any size space.  Gold or bronze finishes add warmth and are resurging in popularity. Metallics adds a luxurious touch, without adding too much cost. Some artworks integrate them directly, with gold or silver leafing, but your choice of frame can accent any piece. For those not wanting too much shine, consider satin finishes or stacked frames. Combining two frames helps balance and accentuate the features of each.  White and gold are a popular choice this year.

  1. Add a Pop of Color

Sometimes what a room really needs is a vibrant stroke of color to bring it to life. The right artwork can do that without the commitment of painting the walls. This year’s Pantone color of the year is Greenery, a fresh and vibrant hue of green. The color is supposed to bring to mind revitalization, environmentalism and energy. It lends itself nicely to the emerging trend of bringing more of the outdoors inside. Bright florals and landscapes can add an unexpected focal point to neutral color palettes, while remaining flexible for when a new mood or season approaches. Abstract art is a good way to experiment with different color combinations. A black and white room can really be enhanced with a deep red from a Rothko piece for example.

  1. Mixing Motifs

One of the best ways to make a space feel more personal is by combining more than one decorating style. Like a person, a room shouldn’t be just one dimensional. To keep it cohesive, consider limiting the colors you use and match the larger pieces together.  Try pairing antique art with contemporary furniture for example. Farmhouse vintage is a style that is emerging this year and has gained a lot of popularity for its diversity. The use of natural looking wood and distressed finishes can be paired nicely with most modern designs. Combining different cultural influences often makes a room more interesting.  You can also create themes and vary the pieces within that theme.  A room with a beach theme could include both Rembrandt and Edward Hopper, which are two vastly different styles.

  1. Create a Conversation Piece

One of the best things about choosing a piece of art is making a statement. Pick something that expresses your personality in a way that catches every eye in the room. Sometimes it can be simply choosing an oversized piece that covers the wall space. This can create a wonderful reaction when people first enter the room. Other popular ideas this year include maps as art, bold geometric shapes, or fashion designs. Don’t be afraid to get silly and even use funny animal prints to make a room more lively.  The most important thing is to pick something that portray who you are and give your guests something to remember when they leave.

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