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Hot Summer Design Ideas for 2022

The warm days of summer are quickly approaching us. As many of us dream about visiting wonderful vacation spots during these months, not all of us are able to. If a summer getaway is not in your immediate future, you can still embrace the season by bringing some of these summer inspired design ideas into your home with a perfect piece of art. Let these themes help you to create a summer escape inside your very own home.

The Tropics

One of the hottest trends for summer in 2022 is the feeling of the tropics. Art with lots of lush foliage and exotic animals will put you in the perfect mindset. You can feel as if you are traveling the globe without leaving the comfort of home. Here are some great pieces of art to capture that tropical feeling.

Warm Sunsets

Bask in the warmth of a summer sunset, while not having to leave the house. These warm colors and breathtaking views can be enjoyed all times of the day. They will help to take your mind off the moment and relax in the setting sun. Any of these pieces will being the soothing mood into your life.

Bold Colors and Patterns

At some energy and excitement to your rooms with a splash of bold color. This summer is all about recharging, which can be done with the right piece of dazzling art. Go for pieces that imaginative patterns that will spark your own creativity. Hang one of these in the room that you want to be filled with intense emotions.

Beautiful Blooms

One of the most wonderful aspects of the summer months are the beautiful flowers we get to enjoy. Even if your own garden does not have a plentiful supply, you bring those lovely blooms to life with the right artwork. Guarantee that the blooms will last all summer long and add a delicate touch to your home by selecting a lovely arrangement in one of these.

Give your home a fresh new look just in time for summer with one of these great design ideas. You can also browse our amazing Summer Art Gallery for even more ideas and inspiration. Enjoy the warmth and joy of the new season.

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