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Heloisa Castro: New Expression in Digital Art

Heloisa Castro is a Brazilian artist from Rio de Janeiro. She was born in a place known as “The Montmatre Carioca”. After going to school for journalism, she pursued visual and graphics art, as well as obtaining a postgraduate degree in marketing. Her art career began with traditional painting, but then turned towards digital art. Although many of her pieces resemble photography, she is able to use modern technology to create images that go far beyond anything found in the natural world around us.


Castro is a great admirer of another Brazilian artist, Celito Medieros. As well as learning about color from Michelle Behar. Many of her pieces begin as photos of ordinary scenes, such as landscapes of animals, but then with the use of digital software she is able to turn them into something more. The colors become more vivid and the overall appearance becomes surreal. She finds inspiration in a variety of different subjects, but it is her unique touch that brings them to life.

hot air balloons

When you browse the gallery we have for Helosia Castro, you will notice the brightness of each piece first. We have selected a number of different pieces so that you can find one to fit every style. Admire the bright sunlight being cast on flowers in HC0427. Watch the wild adventure of hot air balloons in HC0250. Explore the wild jungle with an elephant who is the subject of HC0325. You can even get lost in the abstract beauty of HC0434. There is a little something for everyone in the brilliant art gallery.

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