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Olga Matyunina: Art More Beautiful Than Nature

Olga Matyunina is a Russian artist who lives and works in Russia. She began to love art as a child, but didn’t consider herself a professional artist until 2019. The first piece of art she ever sold was one she originally painted for herself. Since then, she has shown her art in many online galleries and platforms. It can sometimes be difficult finding places that offer opportunities to artists inside of Russia, but she continues to find admirers of her work form around the world.

let the birds in

She works primarily in watercolors and enjoys finding her inspiration from subjects in nature, including flowers and animals. Each art piece is meant to convey a love of the natural world around her, while helping her audience connect with that same appreciation. Watercolors are her main medium, but recently she has also been experimenting with acrylic paints. When she is not painting, she also enjoys exploring the world through travel and gardening.

Power Inside

Her art captures the beauty in nature and then heightens the experience with her wonderful skill. Let Birds In is a colorful and vivid depiction of exotic birds. The softer, pastel colors in the delicate flower petals of Angelica will help bring serenity to any room of your home. Feel the high energy and fierceness of Power Inside. If these pieces inspire you to add even more of the beautiful nature inside your home, you can browse our Nature Studies gallery for even more wonderful pieces.

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