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Art Basel: International Art Show

This collective art show was held in Basel, the art capital of Switzerland, between June 13 and June 16. There will also be similar shows in Buenos Aires, Miami Beach and Hong Kong over the next year. The intention of these exhibitions are to bring together the cities’ galleries and artists in one exhibition that enhances art appreciation in the entire community. The full schedule of exhibits, showings and events is designed to immerse the visitors in contemporary art at its best. It encourages both the gallery owners and the artists to engage with the audience so that the potential customers can become familiar with the trends of the current art market.  Building more interest in modern art in order to drive more activity in the market is one of its biggest initiatives.
Some of the highlights from this year’s show include two floors dedicated to French artist Bernard Frize. His soft pastel colors and straightforward stripes and patchwork patterns are whimsical to watch. Galerie Gmurzynska is always a crowd favorite and considered one of the most innovative booths every year. They will be showcasing pop-art icons Robert Indiana, who is most well-known for his works titled under LOVE. London based gallery Helly Nahmad will be highlighting older pieces from the 20th century, such as Pablo Picasso and Joann Miro. Then there is the Collector’s Lounge, an exclusive VIP area that is by invitation only.
The biggest goal of the Art Basel is to bring collectors together with artists and galleries in hopes of making profitable sales for both.  It is known for delivering fast-paced sales within a few hours of the opening and garnering some of the highest prices for living modern artists in the industry. This year was no different. Galleries achieve this by doing much of the preparation ahead of time. They nurture relationships with clients, collectors, museums and private groups. They carefully select the pieces they will be showing and make sure to send out plenty of images and PR packets to potential buyers in advance.  As a result, the Bernard Frize exhibit was a complete sellout, finding buyers for all 18 pieces available. Prices for these pieces went as high as 80,00 pounds. Other pieces by artists offering only singles works went as high as a quarter million pounds.
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