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Artist Spotlight: Lana Frey – Life is Like a Dream in the Heart of Prague

Lana Frey is a modern artist who is originally from Belarus but now lives and works in Prague. She is self-taught in art, but has also studied design and décor. Her works have been shown in exhibits all around the world, including Japan and Poland. She has been an artist for longer than she can remember and finds her inspiration somewhere new every time she looks.

Frey works in both oil paints and acrylic paints on canvas. She enjoys experimenting with new techniques and styles. She especially enjoys the challenge of combining styles that others might consider ‘incompatible’ but makes them harmonious. Each of her pieces captures modern objects and people, but in a dreamlike way.

Her art could be described as a modern type of surrealism that creates a fairy-tale in art. Her pieces include landscapes, portraits and still life pieces with soft and beautiful brushstrokes. Her work is meant to convey an emotion in every depiction.

Lana Frey Prague: A View From The Window

Live in a fairy-tale moment with pieces such as Uncharted and Girl on a Balcony. Feel the adventure of En Route. Imagine you are in exotic locations with pieces such as Crystal Silence or Prague: A View from the Window. Admire the unique portraits of Venus Tears or Dream Catcher.

All of the pieces in the Lana Frey gallery are beautiful and expressive. We know they will be a wonderful addition to any art collection.

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