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Discover Laurie Cairone’s Colorful Universe: Brush Strokes of Inspiration

Laurie Cairone is an American Artist that lives and work in Rhode Island. Originally she pursued a career in nursing, but was enthralled by her art electives and decided to pursue her passion for it after retiring in 2017. Cairone was able to take private lessons from a well-known artist in Rhode Island to enhance her natural talent. Cairone enjoys how painting keeps her mind active, almost like meditation.

Art has been a part for Cairone’s life since she was a child. She would describe her art as Magical Realism and expressionism. She is always experimenting with new ideas and enjoys learning as she creates. It is her goal as an artist to create art that makes people smile and brings them back to their childhood memories. The bright and colorful art she creates is inspired by the Universe, the Metaphysical world. Each piece conveys much appreciation for life and the new experiences it brings.

Her digital art images are all about the use of colors to create energy and excite the imagination. Enjoy the beautiful profiles in the portraits of Persephone Awakens and Becoming the Lotus. Admires the delicate details in Forest of Circles and the Path to Dixieland. Feel the childlike wonder when you gaze at Elephant at the Table. These and others can be found in the new Laurie Cairone Canvas Print Art gallery. We hope you are as excited by this artist as we are.

Finally, we are thrilled to announce that Laurie Cairone is this month’s featured artist on, our esteemed network of contemporary artists from around the world. We invite you to discover and celebrate the captivating artistry of Laurie Cairone as our Artist of the Month. We hope you find as much excitement in this artist’s work as we do.

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