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Celebrating Johannes Vermeer in Amsterdam

Johannes Vermeer Young Woman Seated at the Virginals
Often an artist’s worth is not valued during their career, but long after it. Although he was able to make a living with his art, Johannes Vermeer wasn’t recognized as a true visionary until centuries later. Compared to many other great painters, he produced fewer pieces and died young, making his work scarce, but no less brilliant.

Now, a new exhibit highlighting his work will be opening at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam on February 24th. They will be displaying 28 of the artist’s estimated 37 pieces of work, making it the biggest exhibit of his paintings.  The presale tickets have exceed two hundred thousand already. Some of the pieces has never been shown together before and some are being displayed for the first time since being authenticated. It is a vast undertaking by the museum to celebrate one of the country’s most beloved painters.

The exhibit will include some of his most popular works, including the infamous Girl with a Pearl Earring that even had a movie made about it. It will also include Milkmaid, a piece that has had extensive research done on it over the years. Young Lady Sitting at the Virginal will be another of his beautiful portraits you can see, as well as A Lady Writing. Religious inspired works such as Christ in the House of Mary and Martha and architectural pieces such as Little Street will also be available to view.Johannes Vermeer The Milkmaid

This is a rare and special exhibit that took the museum a lot of effort to put together, but will only be open for a short time. For those not able to view it during that time, we welcome you to browse our Vermeer Gallery, where many of his best works are available in reproductions. You can being a bit of the celebration of such a great artist into your own home.

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