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Dreams Come to Life with Krzysztof Lozowski

KRZYSZTOF ŁOZOWSKI is a contemporary artist that lives in Warsaw, Poland. He studied painting and drawing at the Institute of Art at the University of Silesia. Mediums he enjoys working with include oil painting, drawing and watercolors. His caricatures of well-known celebrities in the theater and political arena are often praised and have become one of his signatures. His work can be found in individual and collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad, as well as many elite private collections. Living a private life, he prefers to remain at home devoting time to his craft and his family.

Most fans and critics consider his work to be expressive and emotional in nature. The use of rich techniques and unique color combinations create a fantasy world that his subjects reside in. It displays a distinct insight into deeper emotions with both his choice of subject matter and his creative use of combined images.  He himself claims that “My art is me, it is my silence in solitude … allowing me to exist, to hear the inaudible, see the invisible …” For him, the art is a reflection of his own pursuit of the truth in nature.

He showcases wildflowers and rural subjects, including some farm animals with humor. His cityscapes and urban characters are whimsical and energetic. In some of the most interesting pieces he combines the two elements, such as the flower people in his Iris Ladies. A hint of fantasy can be seen in the way he combines organic life and engineered settings.

One of the more prominent collections he has done is a series of paintings named “Fairy Tales for Adults”. These are pieces that use current subjects altered to fit into a theme of childhood dreams. One of the popular ones form that collection is Pinocchio, the artist’s twist on a favorite story time hero.  It gives the audience a feeling of fun and nostalgia as the artist invites them into his fairytale world. The swirling strokes of the watercolors give the faces a blurry image, inviting the imagination to speculate about the characters. The hope and a sense of wonder conveyed will convince you that the world is still full of promise, no matter the age.

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