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Edward Hopper is highlight of Ebsworth Collection sold at Christies.

Christie’s Auction House is renowned for its ability to bring in some of the best private art collections in the world. Most recently they sold the American art collection of Barnaby A. Ebsworth.  This collection showcased American art from across the 20th century. It included more than ninety-one works and had some of the most iconic American artists in a variety of styles. The original owner was entrepreneur Barnaby A. Ebsworth, who had passed away last spring.

Edward Hopper was an American artist who became famous for his scenes focusing on everyday American life. He is considered one of the leaders in modern American art and his work can be seen in museums around the world. Some of his most famous works include Nighthawks and Room in New York. He had a way of capturing a moment so that the audience felt like they were experiencing the scene first hand.

Chop Suey, which sold at the Christie auction for $92 million dollars is now the most expensive piece of the artist’s work. East Wind Over Weekawken used to hold that honor, after it sold for over $40 million in 2013. Chop Suey was bought by Mr. Ebsworth in 1973, for $180 thousand dollars. The picture of two women enjoying conversation in a Chinese restaurant has all the earmarks of Hoppers signature style.  The Hopper was one of the main pieces that sold well, in a collection that was estimated to be worth close to $350 million dollars.

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