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Holiday Gift Ideas: Pre-Framed Art

With the holidays fast approaching, the task of finding the perfect gift for everyone in your life might seem daunting. We here at want to make that a little bit easier by offering fantastic art pieces, with complimentary frames already picked out. We have assembled selections for every budget and all with the same high quality that you can always find on our site. Here are just a few of the amazing pieces available in our Pre-Framed art gallery.

Under $50

Claude Monet- Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge Pre-Framed Miniature

This 5×5 piece by Claude Monet titled Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge, comes paired with our Burnished Silver frame. Originally created in 1899, this Impressionism style painting is complemented by our distressed frame adding a touch of elegance. Known for reflecting Monet’s interest in this beautiful water flower, this piece would be perfect for adding a beautiful touch to a bathroom or guest room.

Katsushika Hokusai- Lake Suwa in the Shinano Province Pre-Framed Miniature

This 5×3 piece by Katsushika Hokusai is titled Lake Suwa in Shinano Povince. It comes with a diamond patterned frame called the Cottage Oak and is an example of the Japanese ukiyo-e style. This artist is most well-known for his piece The Great Wave off Kanagawa. This piece would be perfect for anyone who has a deep appreciation for Japanese art or exotic décor.


$50- $100

Johannes Vermeer- Girl With a Pearl Earring Pre-Framed Miniature

This 4×5 piece by Johannes Vermeer is titled Girl with a Pearl Earring. It comes with a soft gold frame called the Gold Pearl and is an example of the Dutch Golden Age style. Known as the Dutch Mona Lisa, this piece would be perfect for someone who wanted a small piece of luxury in their home.

Justynia Kopania- Harbour Pre-Framed Print

This 8×10 piece by Justynia Kopania is a high quality print on canvas called Harbour. It comes with a natural wood frame called Studio Walnut and is an example of the Contemporary style. This artist is well-known for her use of bold brushstrokes and powerful colors. This piece would be perfect for someone wanting to add a vibrant, contemporary piece to their living room or dining room.



Claude Monet- Garden Path at Giverny Pre-Framed

This 8×10 piece by Claude Monet, created in 1902, is titled Garden Path at Giverny. It comes with an elaborate gold frame called Victorian Gold and is an example of the Impressionist style. Known for depicting the artist’s favorite country settings, this piece would be perfect for anyone who loves bright colors and beautiful floral landscapes.

Vincent van Gogh- Starry Night Pre-framed

This 8×10 piece by Vincent van Gogh was created in 1889 and is titled Starry Night. It comes with a sleek black frame called New Age Black and is an example of the Post-Impressionist style. It is well known that Van Gogh suffered from depression during his entire career and painted many of his works from the window of an asylum. This piece would be perfect for someone who wanted a very recognizable piece to showcase to their friends.



Edvard Munch- The Scream Pre-Framed

This 20×24 piece by Edvard Munch was created in 1893 and is titled The Scream. It comes with a clean black frame called the New Age Black and is an example of the German Expressionism style. The artist is well known for creating paintings with dark themes like death, agony and sickness. This piece would be perfect for someone who enjoys art with a darker meaning behind them.

Edgar Degas- Dancer Posing Pre-Framed                         

This 20×24 piece by Edgar Degas was created in 1878 and is titled Dancer Posing. It comes with a gold frame called Athenian Gold King and is an example of the Impresisonist style. Degas was well-known for depicting the grace and beauty of ballet dancers. This piece would be perfect for a little girls room or a playroom.



Edward Hopper- Nighthawks Pre-Framed

This 20×24 piece by Edward Hopper, created in 1942, is titled Nighthawks. It comes with a bronze frame called Viene D’Or Bronze Scoop and is an example of the American Realist style. His classic works capture the authenticity of urban and rural American life. This piece would be perfect for someone who wants a classic piece of American art.

Gustav Klimt- The Kiss (Luxury Line) Pre -Framed

This 24×24 piece by Gustav Klimt, created in 1908, is titled The Kiss. It comes with a gold frame called the El Dorado Gold and is an example of the Symbolist style. This painting is part of our “Luxury Line” and has the addition of beautifully hand embellished gold and silver accents. This piece will delight those looking for a little added flair in their classic art.


The savings and variety only get better as you browse through our extensive offerings in this pre-framed gallery. Each piece has been picked for its popularity and paired with a frame that makes it an elegant finished piece that arrives ready to hang on the wall. Let us help you find the right gift for each person on your list.

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