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I, Claude Monet : Movie about the Master

This week we celebrate the birthday of one of the world’s most famous painters, Claude Monet. Born in 1840, this French Painter is considered one of the most influential painters in the Impressionist movement. Known for the lush and beautiful landscapes he painted while living in rural France, Monet often painted the same scenes over and over in hopes of capturing different lighting and movement in each piece. Many of his pieces have become easy to recognize by the masses and hang in the most prestigious art museums in the world.

I, Claude Monet is a movie created by director Phil Grabsky and tells the story of the artist’s life through his own words. Based on the extensive letters written by Monet himself, the movies is narrated by Henry Goodman. It reveals the life of the man who created Impressionism by exploring over 2500 letters he wrote. This gives us a deeper insight into the man who helped shape the art world in the early 19th century. What becomes evident is that the artist was a man who withstood a lot of discouragement during his career and managed to still become prominent in his time. It also casts more light on his role as a father and husband in an intimate way.

This documentary is the latest in a series of films called Exhibition on Screen.  These films are all directed by the same man and are meant to help bring the lives of famous artists to a wider audience. Artists from a variety of styles are featured, including Manet, Matisse, Goya and many more. The documentaries are shown in limited runs in the theaters, then are made available for purchase through online retailers. So far, they have released 16 films in over 50 countries. It is the creator’s intention that these films immerse the audience in the world of art and are meant to be enjoyed for generations.

To celebrate the birthday of one of the greatest Impressionist painters, perhaps you can invite family and friends over to enjoy a filming. Browse the Claude Monet gallery we here at overstockArt have created to add the perfect piece to enhance the movie experience.

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