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Pol Ledent: A Life Full of Color

Pol Ledent is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Belgium, where he grew up. He began painting as a small child and realized at a young age that this was what he wanted to do for his entire life. He believes that the enduring support from his family helped him become the successful artist that he is today. Working with oil paint has always been his passion, because he likes the way it dries slowly and gives him time to adjust the piece over time. New technology has allowed him to share his work with so many new people around the world and he enjoys the broad reach being on ArtistBe offers.

Ledent enjoys capturing the beauty in the natural world around him. Reality is what draws him to the art, but being able to interpret it with vibrant color is what makes his art unique. Using the colors and shapes in nature to create something that is greater in combination is what sets his paintings apart from others who work with oils. Although he does not paint typical landscapes, Ledent tries to use the same techniques on both his interpretive nature pieces and his abstract pieces to bring out the joy of the natural world. The bright colors he uses in the oil paints gives the audience a magical version of the world.

At one point he did show his art in physical galleries, but now he prefers the internet for his art because of its affordability and wide reach to new audiences. He enjoys sharing the lovely country landscapes of his own country with people around the world. Pieces like Sunflower 7741, capture the joy that the world can offer visually.  Cornflowers 1170 is another example of how he can bring out the energy of a setting with the use of brilliant and unexpected colors. Even his abstract pieces, such as Abstract 96532 use luminous color to come to life on the wall. Nothing about his work can be considered muted.

Pol Ledent was chosen as our December artist of the month because we know that you will love the variety of pieces he has to offer, all created from a colorful pallet. Browse his gallery and we here at overstockArt know you will find a piece you love.

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