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The Audacious Abstract Experiments of Joan Llaverias

Born, raised, and formally trained as an artist in Barcelona, Joan Llaverias has a refined sense of what makes abstract art successful. Spend some time looking at his vibrant paintings and you’ll notice the way in which he balances opposing ideas with ease. They’re abstract, sure, but not in the cold, geometric sense of the word. Neither are they entirely gestural, as in Abstract Expressionism; the impact and intent of the artist’s hand is clearly visible. His compositions are both rhythmic and spontaneous, with a controlled vision that’s still energetic and free-flowing.

California 5207 - Joan Llaverias

California 5207 – Joan Llaverias (2016)

Educated at the Escola d’Arts l’Oficis with specialties in painting and engraving, he’s had decades to explore his style. Initially drawn to figurative work, it wasn’t long before he found himself fully dedicated to the unspeakable poetry of abstract painting. His informal style which he compares to lyrical abstraction grants him the greatest freedom of self-expression and he hopes that viewers can connect to the work on a holistic, spiritual level. The work itself certainly makes an impact for several reasons, not least of which is the monumental scale. His canvases are regularly in the range of 5 feet long and seem to vibrate with such intensity that they really draw your eyes. By primarily working with acrylic paint, Llaverias takes advantage of the richly saturated colors that the medium offers, using lots of primary reds, blues, and yellows.

Black Geometric - Joan Llaverias

Black Geometric – Joan Llaverias (2016)

While some of his images feature innumerable rectangles and others have nary a straight line throughout, they all share a common element of depth and texture that’s positively entrancing. If it’s the size and color that catches your gaze, it’ll be the seemingly three-dimensional layering that holds it. In each piece he transforms the canvas from a flat plane into an explosion of organic forms that recede infinitely into the distance. Particularly in his monochromatic blue paintings it almost feels as though you could fall right in.

Dispersio Geometrica Bleu - Joan Llaverias

Dispersio Geometrica Bleu – Joan Llaverias (2016)

To explore more of Joan Llaverias spectacular imagery, head over to his artist gallery at Llaverias uses to make his creations not just visible to art lovers around the world, but ownable, through affordably priced, professionally made reproductions on the finest canvas. Custom framing is available too. Support one of today’s talented artists by checking him out, leaving a like, or picking up some new décor!

Gestual 2 - Joan Llaverias

Gestual 2 – Joan Llaverias (2016)

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