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Tom Carlos : Mastering Digital Art

Tom Carlos grew up in San Jose, California and spent most of his life there. The exception being the time spent serving in the US military as a member of the Navy. During the course of his life, he worked in manufacturing and engineering, got married, and had three children. He also discovered that he had a talent and passion for art that began when he was a child and grew alongside his life. What began as a hobby has now become a form of expression he hopes to develop in his later years.

The place where he grew up, the Santa Clara Valley, is a large source of Tom’s inspiration. His love of the rolling hills and beautiful settings can be seen in the stylized landscapes he creates. The ranch life that he still remembers from his childhood is a subject he wants to share with those who have never experienced it. Currently two of his pieces are being displayed in a golf club called the Villages, located in his home city of San Jose.

Tom has chosen to use a digital medium to express his artistic vision. His preferred program is called Inkscape, which creates vector graphics. He uses this to produce vivid landscapes and eye-catching portraits with bold geometric lines.  Although he does anticipate working more with oils, he will continue to grow and develop his technique in this program. If you would like to know more about his work with Inkscape, check out his personal website.

It is Tom’s hope that he can share his childhood backdrops and digital beauty with as many people as possible. Here at Artistbe we will do as much as we can to help further that goal. Please take a moment to visit his art gallery on our website and all the great pieces we have there.

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