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Corne Akkers: Creating “Roundism”

Corne Akkers is an artist that currently resides in the Netherlands and is our artist of the month. Akkers was interested in art and drawing as child, but decided to pursue a law degree as he grew up. Then he rediscovered his first love and has been pursuing his passion since 2000. His works are primarily with graphite pencils, pastels and oil paints. Galleries such as Galerie Brugman and Galerie Ludens, in Voorburg as well as galleries in China run exhibits of his work. He has a wide variety of subjects, but the pieces that include people are mesmerizing. Corne captures them in ways that go beyond their physical descriptions.

Corne has created his own style, that he calls “roundism”  described it as being a mixture of cubist elements without the multiple perspectives, but adding atmospheric depth. He likes to capture the way light plays off of his subjects, especially the female body. That is why so many of his pieces are portraits of various women, both famous and unknown. Akkers wants his art to show the ability to see one thing inside of another. Recently he has also began to play with surrealism and the way light can play with color.

We have selected some of his best pieces to include in the new Corne Akkers gallery. There are a number of spectacular portraits, created in his signature “roundism” style. Many of them are untitled, but some indicate the subject, such as famous Bette Paige. There are also a selection of his beautiful nude pieces, that demonstrate his skill at playing light against the curves of a woman’s body. The cubist elements expand the possibilities for interpretation in these sketches. A few of his surrealist paintings, such as Laura, show how the strokes of color can illuminate the colors being used. Even his landscapes come to life, in both black and white or in color.

It is our goal to introduce you to new and innovative artists, such as Corne Akkers. Please feel free to browse his gallery and enjoy the new style being created by his astounding work. We hope you will find something wonderful for your space.

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