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Top 10 Oil Paintings for the Fall of 2015

The popular online art gallery published its annual top 10 works of art for the Fall of 2015! The Fall 2015 list won’t disappoint those who have come to know the quality and consistency of the online art gallery – along with those of you who are new to the website. The list includes artwork that inspires, excites and falls right in line with autumn decorating trends. The list features some of the consumers’ top picks when it comes to decorating for the Fall season.

The top choice for Fall 2015 is Vincent van Gogh’s The Mulberry Tree. Other famous artist names filling out the list are Renoir, Monet and Klimt. After analyzing statistics from over 2 million visitors shopping online at for Autumn themed art, the top 10 most sought after pieces are:

Fall 2015 Top 10 Paintings

Fall 2015 Top 10

The Mulberry Tree, 1889Vincent Van Gogh In early October 1889, Van Gogh was living in an asylum and painted this tree on its grounds. When describing this mulberry tree and the time he painted it he seemed happy. In fact he wrote to his brother Theo that he considered the Mulberry Tree his favorite painted work that season.

Autumn at Argenteiul, 1873Claude Monet The bank of trees on the left are rendered with warm gold autumn leaves, reflecting upon the still Seine. This masterpiece is one of the first works where Monet fully embraced the entire rainbow palette that was to become a hallmark of Impressionist painting and his legacy.

Cape Cod in October, 1946Edward Hopper Famous for showing people lost in urban isolation, Hopper captures that same feeling but the setting is the country-side. His characteristic still and tense mood is present.

Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer I, 1907 Gustav Klimt Taking three years to complete, this work of art has been referred to as the final and most fully representative work of Klimt’s “golden phase”. This painting is central in a movie released this year Woman in Gold starring Helen Mirren.

Autumn (Umbrellas), 2012 Justyna Kopania Rich in both color and texture, this work by popular contemporary ArtistBe artist Justyna Kopania is a best seller each year. It captures a gem-like Autumn scene.

Statue in the Park of Versailles Giovanni Boldini This painting showcases a contrast between the cool colored statue and the warm autumn leaves that surround it. It is characteristic of a unique technique that earned the artist the title of “Master of Swish” because of his flowing style.

Le Jardin de la Poste, Cagnes, 1906 Pierre-Auguste Renoir It is no surprise that the master landscape artist would have a place on this list of popular pieces. The only surprise is we only included one!

Autumn, 2013 Pol Ledent Another popular contemporary ArtistBe artist, Pol Ledent’s Autumn is one his many beautiful Fall themed pieces. A prolific artist Ledent is self-taught.

Water Lilies, 1919 – Claude Monet We couldn’t resist adding this beauty to the list. This work of art is part of our exclusive “Luxury Line.” It is made of the same hand-painted oils but with the addition of beautifully hand embellished gold and silver accents.

Gramercy Park, 1920 George Wesley Bellows This painting presents a brief moment in the life of upper middle class residents enjoying a Fall afternoon in the park. Featuring his two daughters, the park was around the corner from the artist’s home and a favorite spot.

“By analyzing the visits and purchases of featured paintings on, we are able to cite the most popular works of art that the public is looking for this time of year. These masterworks are a smart gift for friends and coworkers who want to enliven a home, apartment, office or other setting. I encourage people to explore to see the full selection of items we carry,” says David Sasson, CEO of

The top 10 list speaks to the seasonal trends in the art world as well as home décor. While they may all fall into an autumn theme (either through subject matter or color palette), these masterful works are timeless and will still remain relevant in every season of the year!

For more Autumn themed art visit the Fall Art Gallery.

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