Top Ten Mother’s Day Art Pieces

Every year, a Mother’s Day selection of the most popular artwork is compiled to let art-enthusiasts know which trending works of art are going to be sure winners as gifts for Mom:

1. Frank Bramley – Delicious Solitude

Delicious Solitude by Frank Bramley, depicts a woman lounging in the sun and reading a book. It is assumed that the woman captured in the scene is Bramley’s own wife. The soft colors used by the artist create a calm and serene setting. Give your mother a piece of quiet happiness with this work of art. This is an excellent piece to start our list of Mother’s Day art pieces.

2. John William Waterhouse – Boreas

John William Waterhouse created Boreas to represent the god of the Northwind. A female figure is featured prominently in the center, while the swirling wind around her tugs at her purple shawl. The dark colors create a moody setting and the expression on the woman’s face depicts strong determination. Show the mother figure in your life that you appreciate her struggles with a timeless art piece.

3. Claude Monet – Garden Path at Giverny

Known for his beautiful landscapes and flower depictions, Garden Path at Giverny is a perfect example of Claude Monet’s skill. The way the light peeks through the trees overhead and creates a dappled pattern along the pathway entices the viewer to lean in closer. His impressionist use of colors and bold brushstrokes will make this a conversation piece in any room of your mother’s home.

4. Leonardo Da Vinci – Female Head (La Scapigliata)

Italian artist, Leonardo da Vinci’s Female Head (La Scapigliata) is a beautiful example of portraiture and is believed to be a depiction of the Madonna. Although not as popular as his painting of the Mona Lisa, it shows the artist’s knowledge and of the human form. He was a master of both art and science, showing mastery in many subjects. This piece would be perfect for a mother who appreciates the classics.

5. Martin Johnson Heade – Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

Ruby Throated Hummingbird by Martin Johnson Heade is often praised for its use of vivid colors and exceptional detail. Johnson Heade was an American painter known for his landscapes, seascapes, and portraits of tropical birds. His works all had a romantic element to them that made them quite popular then and now. Give the gift of something that will take her breath away to your own mother or the mother figure in your life.

6. Rachel Ruysch – Still Life

Still Life by Rachel Ruysch was painted with the artist’s signature style of using the dynamic S-curve to create movement throughout the piece. Like most paintings, during the time the light enters the canvas from the upper left-hand side and the flowers are turned in many different directions. This creates the effect of movement and the contrast from light to dark. Give your mother a beautiful bouquet she can enjoy all year long.

7. Pierre-Auguste Renoir – Discarded Roses

Pierre-Auguste Renoir worked tirelessly at his Impressionist artwork and in his later years that included beautiful still life pieces like Discarded Roses.  His Impressionist technique can be seen in the luxurious display of texture and color presented by each flower. The play of light on the petals gives the scene a sense of movement even when there is none. Go for a classic and thoughtful Mother’s Day gift with this masterpiece.

8. Edouard Manet – Branch Of White Peonies With Pruning Shears

In Branch of White Peonies, Édouard Manet combines elements from both Realism and Impressionism beautifully. The luxurious textures of each petal look so lifelike, but when you look at the scene as a whole it has an almost dreamlike feeling to it. The soft cream color in the flowers will brighten up anyone’s home or décor. Bring a little bit of classic beauty to the one you love with this stunning still-life piece.

9. Kateryna Bortsova – Secrets of the Night

Secrets of the Night by contemporary artist Kateryna Bortsova is a bold and dramatic piece. It depicts a beautiful woman, cloaked in the dark of night a beautiful pick rose. The contrast of that soft pastel color against the black ground gives it an ethereal feeling and draws the eyes in. Show that special woman in your life how much she stands out to you by gifting her this amazing piece for the holiday.

10. La Pastiche Originals – Butterfly and Lilacs

La Pastiche is known for combining classic pieces of art to create something original. In Butterfly and Lilacs they have done it again to perfection. This oil on canvas painting combines the romantic floral motifs of Manet and the striking exotic butterflies of Heade. Together, they provide a lovely scene that will leave your mother speechless.

We hope that this list of Mother’s Day art pieces has helped you find exactly what will make your mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, or any other kind of mother smile.

It is an honor that we get to help our customers share their love of art with loved ones. We hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday.

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