Top 10 Art Pieces for Fall

Fall is the time of year when you start to spend a little more time indoors, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave the world outside. Instead, try bringing a little of the changing weather inside with a autumn inspired piece of art. Use warm, earthy tones to tie the pieces together into a cohesive theme that will make you feel like the seasons are changing in every room. Choose a classic work from an established artist, or add energy with a more modern piece. The feeling of fall can be found in almost any style or time period, but we have selected our top ten favorites for you to enjoy.

Click the infographic below to see all 10 of this season’s choices, and read on for more information about each one.

Top Ten Art for Fall 2017 Infographic

  1. Autumn (Umbrellas), by Justyna Kopania

In “Autumn (Umbrellas),” contemporary Polish painter Justyna Kopania captures the beautifully vivid and fleeting colors of fall from a fresh perspective. Rainy reflections on the ground make this canvas come to life with vivid and stunning texture and tone. A simple cityscape is utterly transformed by the colors and raindrops to create a spectacular scene. Though the weather is overcast and rainy, this is an undeniably hopeful and charming scene that you’ll never tire of seeing.


  1. Autumn Tints Near Niagara, by Marianne North

Autumn Tints Near Niagara, is a beautiful landscape painting of a dirt road winding around a bend filled with trees changing color. It is reminiscent of a cool drive through the Northeast enjoying the beautiful view.  With the bright and familiar red and orange tones of autumn, this is a nice piece to bring more of the outdoors in.


  1. Autumn Landscape, by Vincent Van Gogh

This 1885 masterpiece showcases the artist’s ability to paint with a realist’s touch, as it depicts a real-looking row of trees in the fall before a cloudy blue sky. The bright vibrant reds make it an energetic piece that displays Van Gogh’s skill for using light. This could be paired with many of the artists other autumn themed works, or used as a focal point in the room.


  1. The Pond with Ducks in Autumn, 1873, by Claude Monet

Revel in the beauty that Monet celebrated with The Pond with Ducks in Autumn from 1873. This unique landscape set precedents for artists who followed, making it a primary example of impressionist work. This rustic setting would look great framed by a simple dark wood frame or something with a distressed patina.


  1. Autumn Foliage, by Tom Carlos

If you are looking for something with more modern, geometric shapes but still feels like autumn, this piece would be perfect.  The soft green background makes the red and orange leaves pop even more in contrast. The fluid lines of the branches make it feel like there is movement and would work perfectly in a room with lots of energy.


  1. Call Me if an Autumn Will Not Come, by Svetlana Tikhonova

This is another great modern piece that will bring a hint of autumn into a contemporary room without overwhelming it.  The painting depicts a very charismatic woman who is enjoying the change in weather. You will love being able to see the pink tint to her skin from the chill in the air and the wistful expression she has.


  1. Yellow Hickory Leaves with Daisy, 1928, by Georgia O’Keeffe

Georgia O’Keeffe’s ability to capture beauty that often went unobserved is utilized in this autumn inspired foliage piece. Some of her most popular works showcase a flower’s intricate detail by presenting it much larger than life. The use of the leaves gives it the feeling of when the trees turn from the crisp green of summer into the bare limbs of winter, while still presenting the beauty of transition.


  1. Dahlias, 1890, by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Known as one of the leaders of the Impressionist movement, French painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir often painted lush landscapes and lively scenes packed with people. His later works, like “Dahlias” however, demonstrate his shift to more introspective themes and intricate detail. Rather than sweeping scenes across broad spaces, he focuses in on the details to create this striking still life. The broad brushstrokes and swirling colors of Impressionism are still apparent, and the effect of such techniques create a painting that looks much more alive and dynamic that a mundane scene of flowers painted in a more realistic manner.


  1. Vines, by Paul-Elie Ranson

This is a lovely piece to consider if your taste leans towards abstract.  The flowing lines of red, yellow and orange create a soothing backdrop, while the black vines are striking to the eye. It could easily be used to create a fall color palette when redecorating a room, with its various shades of color. Combined with a few well-placed accent pieces and a room quickly comes together for an autumn theme.


  1. Beech Forest I, by Gustav Klimt

Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt was perhaps best known for his figurative works, but his landscape paintings are indeed a sight to behold. A fine example of landscape painting by Klimt, Beech Forest I showcases a variety of yellows, golds and oranges which depict a forest of Beech trees. The unique perspective on this work makes you feel like you’re at the center of the forest, with a carpet of golden leaves beneath.


We here at have a passion for art and the way people respond to it. We hope this list allows you to find something new and exciting to bring into your home for friends and family to enjoy. The top 10 list speaks to the seasonal trends in the art world as well as home décor. While they may all fall into an autumn theme (either through subject matter or color palette), these masterful works are timeless and will still remain relevant in every season of the year!

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