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Top Ten Art Pieces for Spring

Spring is the perfect time to give your home a refreshing new look. The perfect piece of art can transform the feeling of any room and breathe new life into the space. Here at overstockArt we have selected some of our favorite pieces that embrace the qualities of a new season. Feel free to browse them and let them give you a new inspiration.

Discarded Roses

1.   Pierre-Auguste Renoir-Discarded Roses

Nothing is a better indicator of the freshness of spring like a beautiful bouquet of flowers, like the ones in Discarded Roses by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Their blooms are centered as the main focus of the perfectly symmetrical composition and beautiful light reflects on the lovely pink, cream and red roses. Welcome the new season with a set of flowers that will last for years.

Storm on the sea of Galilee

2. Rembrandt-The Storm on the Sea of Galilee

Spring storms are part of the transition into a new season and Rembrandt’s Storm on the Sea of Galilee depicts their strength perfectly. It shows the biblical scene in realistic detail, even down to the crashing waves. Add some of the majestic beauty of this storm to your serene home to help you weather any storm.

Monet - Pathway in Money's Garden at Giverny

3. Claude Monet-Pathway in Monet’s Garden at Giverny

Pathway in Monet’s Garden at Giverny by Claude Monet is another perspective on a popular subject for the artist. He was known for catching scenes in a variety of different times, to show the difference in lighting. Add even more beauty from nature by adding this as part of an entire collection.

Cafe Terrace at Night.

4. Vincent Van Gogh-Cafe Terrace at Night

Warmer weather brings the delight of eating outdoors and Vincent Van Gogh’s Café Terrace at Night would give you the perfect place. It was created in Arles, France at a local coffee house by the prolific painter. The vibrant combination of warm colors and depth of perspective are definitely unique to Van Gogh’s style of painting. This was the first time he used the bright stars in the back ground, even before Starry Night. Make any dining area of your home feel like the outdoors by hanging this there.

Cliff Walk at Pourville

5. Claude Monet-Cliff Walk At Pourville

Spending the spring by the seaside can be so relaxing and Claude Monet captures that in his Cliff Walk at Pourville. Monet became enraptured with the beauty of the countryside, and when you look at his depiction of two young women strolling along a cliff while gazing out over the seas below, you can’t help but be absorbed by the beauty and tranquility being offered. Create your own serene spot for relaxation by hanging this in your home.

Starry night

6. Vincent Van Gogh-Starry Night

Nothing can compare the majesty of a night sky sparkling in the spring, which is captured by Vincent van Gogh in Starry Night. One of today’s most recognized paintings, it invokes deep emotions, from the serenity of the church steeple to the wild abandon usage of vibrant colors in his late night sky. Known as a prolific Post-Impressionist, Van Gogh shares his own view with you in this piece.

Garden Path at Giverny

7. Claude Monet-Garden Path at Giverny

Claude Monet was a master at capturing the beauty of flowers and Garden Path at Giverny is a perfect example. Lush foliage and many shades of color saturate the canvas while the viewer’s eyes are enraptured by the intensity of the scene. Bring a beautiful French garden into your home where it will hold the attention of all who gaze upon it. Bring some of the springtime beauty into your home to share with your family.

Composition VII

8. Wassily Kandinsky-Composition VII

Get inspired by the bold and bright colors of spring when you look at Composition VII By Wassily Kandinsky. Kandinsky’s work from the second decade of the 20th century displays a fair degree of progression away from the representational traditions of Western European art and towards pure abstraction. It is full of energy and can lift the spirits in your home after a long winter.

The Kiss

9. Gustav Klimt-The Kiss

Spring often brings us the possibility and hope for romance and The Kiss by Gustav Klimt captures that feeling. When it comes to Gustav Klimt, this is undeniably his most iconic painting and was created during his Golden Period. The embracing couple wear flowing robes featuring elaborate patterns on a bright gold background, a stunning example of Symbolic artwork. Capture true romance and passion when you display this in your home this spring.


10. Justyna Kopania-Moon Reproduction

Feel the cool breeze as it moves across the water in the Moon by Justyna Kopania.  This piece shows a beautiful image of a night time landscape with only the glow of the moon for light. Kopania tries to show the ‘world’, which could be seen by looking at reality that surrounds us, from another perspective. Perhaps the world that surrounds us really is quite different than we perceive it every day.

These are the top selections for the new season, but not the only options. We always hope to offer enough variety for every taste and style, so feel free to browse our spring gallery for even more inspiration.


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