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Marnie Bourque: Finding Joy in the Little Things

Marnie Bourque is a modern artist who lives and working in Sterling, Connecticut. She remembers that art had always been a part of her childhood and she now shares that passion with her own children. Her formal education was in an unrelated field, but painting was always a driving force in her life and she now enjoys making into a successful career. Much of her art is inspired by the small town she lives in and the beautiful little details she finds in it every day.

The quiet and peaceful life a person finds in a small American town can often be overlooked in modern art styles. Bourque prefers to be inspired by it and creates paintings in oil that share her perspective with the rest of the world. She uses vivid colors combined with soft details to create scenes of life with a dreamlike quality. Each of her pieces is meant to express the joy found in the small details around us every day. She captures subtle scenes involving ordinary objects, but presents them in such a beautiful way that it captures the imagination.

Bourque has a talent for showcasing pieces of small town life in vivid brightness, such as her pieces Hint of Fall and Porch days. She offers a variety of lovely still life paintings, including Spring in a Jar, Jar of Hope and Parisian Still Life. There are even ones to take viewers back to the innocence of childhood, like Jar of Jelly Beans. These all use her signature style of blurred details but beautiful composition.

Take a few moments to browse through her collection and see which of her beautiful pieces speak to you. We have enough variety for any kind of style. Find the piece that sparks joy in your home.

About the Author

Amanda graduated from the University of Kansas, where she studied English literature and got a masters degree in library sciences. She enjoys reading, cooking and playing with her nephews. Her best friend is her little dog Brady.