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Winter Art for the Winter Solstice

December 21st is the start of the winter season, which can be one of the most beautiful times of the year. The pristine white snow and the quiet nature setting can be serene to look at. Many of the most famous artists have tried to capture that wonderment in their art. We have compiled a short list of some of our favorite winter themed art pieces, so you can bring a little of the season into your home.
Giuseppe Arcimboldo - Winter

Giuseppe Arcimboldo – Winter

Winter by Giuseppe Arcimboldo is one of a series of paintings representing the 4 seasons of the year. Archimboldo represents this in the selection of objects used to make this portrait and winter is the least lively of the seasons. It is meant to represent both the last season of the year and the later part of life. The lemons sprouting from his chest offering the promises of the spring ahead.

Caspar David Friedrich - The Sea of Ice

Caspar David Friedrich – The Sea of Ice (Das Eismeer)

The Sea of Ice (Das Eismeer) by Caspar David Friedrich has been referred to by many different names. The piece was commissioned by Johann Gottlob von Quandt for a collection to symbolize North and South Europe. Friedrich was given the north and another artist was to paint the south. Sadly, this composition went unsold until after Friedrich’s death, partly due to the subject of the painting (being a shipwreck) was not really what was considered visually appealing.

Pierre Bonnard - The Garden in the Snow, Sunset

Pierre Bonnard – The Garden in the Snow, Sunset

In The Garden in the Snow, Sunset, Pierre Bonnard captures an awe-inspiring moment where the sinking sun adds vibrant color to the sky. The light reflecting off the snow evokes a dreamy quality for which many of Bonnard’s famous works of art are known. This painting features the characteristic visible brush strokes of Impressionist works, but the bold colors make it appear more dramatic and urgent in nature.

Claude Monet - The Magpie

Claude Monet – The Magpie

The Magpie by Claude Monet was painted near Etretat in Normandy. Some believe that this was the first Impressionist painting, created five years before the movement was named. Monet was one of the most influential artists in the movement, which was named for one of his later works. This painting focuses on a single magpie siting on a fence set in a cold winter setting.

Jean Francois Raffaelli - The Fletcher Mansion, New York City

Jean Francois Raffaelli – The Fletcher Mansion, New York City

In The Fletcher Mansion, New York City by Jean Francois Raffaelli a regal mansion is the focus of this lovely, quiet winter scene. Viewers see the luxurious private residence of Isaac D. Fletcher, a wealthy New York banker and stockbroker. This painting features muted tones and a subtle Impressionist style mixed with Raffaelli’s signature Realism.

Paul Cezanne - Melting Snow, Fontainebleau

Paul Cezanne – Melting Snow, Fontainebleau

There’s something endlessly fascinating about Melting Snow, Fontainebleau by Paul Cezanne. This piece captures the artist’s preference for soft, muted tones and takes it a step further with a mostly black and white scene. It’s a scene that immediately draws you in and makes you wish you could explore the enchanting landscape

This is only a small sample of the variety of pieces we offer to celebrate the winter season. If you haven’t found the perfect piece yet, we invite you to browse the rest of our winter art gallery and find the one that fits your unique style. Bring a little of the winter wonder into the warmth of your home or office.

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