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A Walk in the Park

April is often thought of as the beginning of spring; the mixture of rain and sun that brings back the beauty of nature. Parks are often a wonderful place to watch world blossom and April 21-Apr 29th is National Parks week. For those not fortunate enough to live within close proximity of a park, we offer these suggested art pieces. Allow our artists to bring some refreshing beauty into your home.

Schloss Kamer Park

One of Gustav Klimt’s favorites, the location in Avenue in Schloss Kammer Park is a cool and inviting path through lush trees. Though his works usually featured people, Klimt still excelled at his interpretation of a landscape or nature scene. The overhanging leaves from the thick trees create a dark and serene place to rest after a long day. With the unique style of branches and the beautiful greenery, this painting will look beautiful in any room of your home.

Central Park

Central Park in New York City is one of the most famous and iconic parks in the world. This is why it has become the subject of so many pieces of art. In Boating in Central Park, Edward Henry Potthast uses color, details and brushstrokes to create a dreamlike depiction of a particular spot in the park. His impressionist style takes the focus away from the small party of boaters and allows the sunlight reflecting on the rocks to capture the eye.

A more modern interpretation can be found in Justyna Kopiana’s New York Central Park print on canvas. This ArtistBe artist uses the contrast between the warm red and the cool dark blues to create the illusion of movement. Although the foreground focuses on the trees, the way the lights of the city peek through the branches remind us that it is a piece of nature amidst the metropolis.  Either of these pieces would be a great addition to a flourishing art collection.

Voyer d’ Argenson Park

This French park was a source of inspiration to Vincent Van Gogh during his career. One of the pieces that captures the beauty and allure of the park is Entrance to Voyer d’ Argenson Park  at Asnieres. The ladies strolling off to the side are only there for decoration and the main subject is the park’s entrance gate. It is painted with such elegance that it serves as a warm welcome to those seeking solace inside the park.

A lovely view from inside the park is depicted in his Couples in the Voyer d’ Argenson Park  at Asnieres. Once again, there are faceless people in the foreground but they are secondary to the bright and flowery trees in the center of the piece. The park appears to come to life under the vivid blue sky and the brushstrokes illustrate movement among the trees. These two pieces together demonstrate the artist’s love for this special place and would add something special to any place they went.

Park of Versailles

Although not the most well-known location in the city of Versailles, this park is home to some beautiful statuary like the one depicted in Giovanni Boldini’s Statue in the Park of Versailles. This painting shows classical style existing alongside, and as a part of nature, made up of stones elegantly shaped by master sculptors and masons. Consistent with the rest of his work, it deals with beauty – both natural and constructed. Boldini did a wonderful job bringing his twisting, expressive brushwork to the study of architecture. The veins of the marble look dynamic and the rich autumn leaves pop from the behind the stone. Your guests will admire the refined elegance found in this classic painting.

Il Parco Monceau

A lovely representation of Impressionistic technique by Claude Monet, Il Parco Monceau, explores the reflection of light in relation to color, and the idea of overall perception being more important than the reality it is intended to interpret. Stunning fall colors and the complicated composition in this detailed landscape speaks to the expertise of the artist. It captures not just the image, but the emotion of this place in that specific time. A lovely addition to any room, this painting will hold the attention of all who gaze upon it.

Island of Las Grande Jette.

Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte is Georges Seurat’s most famous painting and one of 19th century’s biggest icons. In this easily recognized painting the people in it appear to be enjoying the sunny day beside the water. The use of the pinpoint technique gives a depth and texture to the grass and the trees, bringing them to life in the sunlight. The lack of detail in the expressions of the people in the park allows the wildlife to be more expressive. There is so much to see in this one image, that your guests will spend hours discovering new details.


These are just some of the many beautiful paintings we offer to help bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home. We pride ourselves on offering as many options as possible, to fit any style or any size space. If you have any questions or have a piece that you would like customized, please contact our customer service. They are always there to help you find the perfect piece for you.

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