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Celebrate National Cat Day with Cat Art

National Cat Day is celebrated in the US the first week of January. We here at are avid animal lovers and adore our feline friends. Here are some classically hand painted pictures that include our wonderful furry cat friends. Perhaps you will find the perfect spot in your home for one.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir- Julie Manet With Cat

In the 1870’s Renoir’s Impressionist technique reached its peak with glorious accomplishment. His fully defined technique rendered facial expressions and movements masterfully. Renoir often used his friends and acquaintances such as fellow artists and writers. He spent weeks and sometimes months perfecting his paintings. This piece beautifully depicts the loving relationship between a young girl, who was the daughter of a fellow artist, and her sweet feline.

Giovanni Boldini- Girl with Black Cat

The girl and her feline friend appear poised and elegant, yet alive and in motion. Her classy dress is echoed even in the colors of the cat’s fur which is quaintly reminiscent of a fine suit. It’s not clear who this picture shows but it’s a good example of why Boldini was in exceedingly high demand among prominent socialites. This image of a girl and her cat will delight all of your friends and family when they visit.

Atelier de Jiel- Black Cat with His Pretty on Paris Roofs III

Black Cat with His Pretty on Paris Roofs III is a beautiful painting of cats, a motif Atelier De Jiel often uses in his paintings. He may be given the title of a conventional painter and often compared to the art of children, but don’t let that fool you. It’s his child like approach and soul which he draws his energy, an essential source of his creative energy and universe. Black cats are one of his favorite subjects and have become part of his classic, signature style.

Pierre Bonnard- Cats on the Railing

In Bonnard’s scenes he painted from the familiar everyday life. Sometimes it was a setting from tea time, others it was as simple as feeding the cat. He used gentle brushstrokes and soft colors, make it appear so warm and inviting. It is the perfect setting for such an adorable pair of kittens to play.

Hiroshige- Asakusa Ricefields and Torinomachi Festival, No. 101 from One Hundred Famous Views of Edo

Though this artwork’s title tells of a festival, Hiroshige portrayed this busy day from a more detached perspective. Echoing the smooth transitions in tone and color, the setting itself changes as one looks from background to foreground. The tiny details that he chose to include tell a story about the person living in the room. One of the most adorable details is the cat he painted to sit in the window, gazing out into the night, giving the scene a sense of serenity.

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