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Celito Medeiros: Creating the World in Color

Born to Brazilian farmers in 1951, Celito Medeiros is now a successful painter and has been chosen as our ArtistBe artist of the month. He first studied engineering, but eventually found his passion in art. He has enjoyed a career that spans decades and has reached those across the world. While he lives in Brazil, Medeiros is able to reach his admirers through online platforms such as A long list of awards and recognitions have been given to him, as well as having his art shown in prestigious museums such as the Great Hall of Fine Arts of the Carrousel du Louvre.

Medeiros art is vibrant and colorful, with a wonderful way of capturing scenes we often take for granted in our daily lives. The fact that he uses digital media to create the surreal images is often innovative and surprising. From the delicate details of a portrait like the Spring Maiden, to the symbolic approach in Rainbow Tree, Medeiros tries to present a variety of choices in his work. The one thing that ties them together is that bold hues he uses. Often you can see the inspiration he found in other artists, such as his Van Gogh’s Ghost or Gustav’s Lady. Other times it is nature he uses for the subject, like the beautiful Bright Meadows. There is a piece in his gallery for almost any taste or décor.

Here at we want to introduce our customers to some of the best in current art. We know that the vivid scenes he has created will ignite your imagination and delight anyone who comes into your home. You can have confidence that when you purchase one of this artist’s pieces you are getting something full of life and energy, much like the artist himself.

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