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Delicious Fruits of Summer

One of the best parts about summer are the variety of delicious fruit that come into season. They become a welcome addition to our meals and our tables, bringing the joy with them. A hint of their sweetness can improve any mood and bring people together. These art pieces attempt to capture the mouthwatering allure of summer fruits, giving you a way to share them all year long.

Pablo Picasso- Jug and Fruit Bowl

Jug and Fruit Bowl by Pablo Picasso was painted whilst Picasso worked side by side with Georges Braque. The strongly fragmented forms retain the illusion of volume and perspective, despite shortening the perspective. It is a wonderful example of the unique painting techniques this artist became famous for. Add a little warmth and originality to your space with perfect display.

Edward Mitchell Bannister-Still Life (Fruit and Drink)

Edward Mitchell Bannister showed how varied his talent could be when he painted Still Life (Fruit and Drink). Though Edward Mitchell Bannister typically focused on creating landscapes, he also painted a number of striking still life works like this one. The simple scene features a gorgeous arrangement of fruits and drinks, creating an inviting look that’s sure to wet your appetite.

Charles Demuth-Still Life with Apples and Bananas

Still Life with Apples and Bananas was painted by American artist Charles Demuth, who worked primarily with watercolors, but switched to oils later in his painting career. The influences of cubism are evident, with the sharp distinctly geometric shapes that make up the painting, and the thin lines that make up the folds of the towel underneath. Bring in a deliciously contemporary snack to your dining area with this piece.

Claude Monet-Jar of Peaches

Known more for flowers than food, Claude Monet shows how versatile his art can be with Jar of Peaches. Painted slightly before his Impressionist period, it depicts sumptuous fruit jarred in glass as the center focus, with darker brown background hues, and reflective light to emphasize the rich red and orange color. Make this the perfect focus of your own kitchen or dining room.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir-Strawberries

In the well-known style of Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Strawberries creates a dreamlike display out of a decadent still life. Renoir uses bright, warm colors to bring his edible subject to life. The luxurious layout of the table and the rich colored background, only add the decadent feeling of the piece. Give this as the perfect give for the art lover in your life.

Edouard Manet-Deux Poires (Two Pears)

Edouard Manet painting, Deux Poires, is an excellent example of the artist’s impressionist style. The two pieces of fruit take the spotlight, with a contrast of light and shadow behind it. The bright yellows and greens are the only colors portrayed, giving it even more significance. Add a level of elegance to your home or office with this wonderful piece.

These are just a sample of all the wonderful, summer inspired still life pieces we carry. If you are looking for even more great additions to your kitchen or dining room, browse through our Cuisine Gallery. We are sure you will find the perfect piece to satisfy your hunger for great art.

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