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Featured Artist: Manjiri Kanvinde – A Romantic and Cheerful View of Life

Manjiri Kanvinde is an artist who works and lives in India. She is self-taught in art, but holds degrees in interior design, commerce and material management. She works constantly to refine and upgrade her techniques in contemporary art.

Kanvinde works primarily with acrylic on canvas and enjoys painting a wide range of subjects. She paints landscapes, abstracts, and still-lifes. After traveling to places such as the US and the UK, she finds inspiration in many of the things around her. Each of her pieces is known for its vibrant color and upbeat emotional connection with the audience. It is her goal to bring joy and smiles to those who are viewing her artwork. Her romantic inspired paintings of couples in the rain sharing an umbrella are her most popular.

Kanvinde has had international buyers for her work and even had one of her pieces, ‘A Rainy Day’, featured on American musician, Frank Bango’s album cover.

Manjiri Kanvinde Frank Bango album cover

One of her pieces, ‘Manthan-Gujarat Women Empowered,’ was even selected by the United Nations for the 2015 Expo in Milan. This painting is a tribute to the strength and resilience of Rajasthani women, highlighting their vibrant culture and spirit. Through her depiction of these women, Kanvinde honors their significant contributions to their communities and their enduring legacy.

Kanvinde honors Rajasthani woman

Enjoy the scene of lover in the rain with Romantic Interlude or Love in the Rain. Switch season and admire a sweet couple embracing in Winter Morning. Hang a beautiful abstract piece with vibrant colors like Lollipop Flowers. You can even create your own garden inside with Majestic Garden. You can find all of these wonderful pieces in our Manjiri Kanvinde art gallery. Her talent is what makes her our June artist of the month.

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