Jure Cekuta Named’s September Artist of the Month

Hailing from Celje, Slovenia, Jure Cekuta has a Master’s degree in art-wall painting from the University of Applied Arts in Belgrade and is finishing a PhD at Belgrade’s Metropolitan University. He also studied painting at the University of Hawaii. Cekuta has been an artist since 1975, working in oils along with embarking on a career in graphic design. Although he currently resides in his home country of Slovenia, the artist worked in the U.S. from the late 1970’s through the early 80’s – mainly in Chicago, Illinois.

Jure Cekuta

Jure Cekuta –’s September Artist of the Month

His first exhibition, in Celje, was followed by decades of shows around the world. The international artist has displayed his art at the Sweet Art Gallery in Naples, Florida as well as in Honolulu, Abu Dhabi and Paris. He has received prizes and recognition as the Carmel Artist of the Month and at the Art Expo Zurich Swiss. Along with his exhibitions, Cekuta has participated in art symposiums in Slovenia, Montenegro, Serbia, Spain, Austria, the U.S. and Germany.

The artist’s expressionist style is highlighted in the oil and canvas paintings that feature an abstract quality, combining shapes and figures. The Day After II is an oil that displays the artist’s vivid use of color and ability to communicate his vision through abstraction. Works such as Drunk Bottles X standout with Cekuta’s style, adding the gentle curves of the subject (i.e., the bottles) with a striking attention-grabbing background.

The Day After

The Day After II by Jure Cekuta

Again, leaving muted colors behind and incorporating almost barely-there human faces, Never Finished is one of his few almost purely abstract pieces. Other works, such as Three Gracias, also showcase the artist’s combination of the human form/face but alongside inanimate objects, with an expressionist take.

Never Finished

Never Finished by Jure Cekuta

Cekuta’s work has come to be known for the artist’ bold use of colors and the often-used ‘apple’ design (which finds its way into many of his paintings). We are excited to have Jure Cekuta and his expressionist style as part of To see his Drunk Bottles along with his other abstract artworks, visit Jure Cekuta’s gallery collection on


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