Justyna Kopania named Artist Become’s July Artist of the Month

Polish artist Justyna Anna Kopania has been named Artist Become’s July Artist of the Month. Based in Warszawa, Poland, Kopania has been painting for more than a decade. She is one of more than 500 international artists featured on Artist Become.

Kopania specializes in oil painting and covers a wide variety of genres, from landscapes and cityscapes to portraits and still life pieces. Kopania describes her inspiration as the world that surrounds her, “I try to connect and be able to capture the image of time that passes so quickly.”

Kopania continues, “Perhaps the world that surrounds us is really quite different than we perceive it to be. Perhaps in every drop of rain, each grain of sand, and every snowflake, there are millions of colors that you can see, if you look for them…this is the unique perspective I look for in my paintings.”

Kopania’s work has been exhibited in galleries throughout Poland and Europe. Since joining Artist Become her work has garnered a lot of attention, a fan of her work exclaimed on the online art community’s Twitter page, “Looked at the work of Justyna and I think that it is in a class of its own. Really remarkable work.”

Kopania exhibits 60 works of art in her personal gallery on Artist Become. Those pieces include:

  • “Autumn” – “Autumn” is one in a series of landscape paintings that depicts a variety of autumnal scenes. This particular painting features people walking in the rain on a city street lined by trees bursting with brilliant autumnal shades.
  • “Boats” – “Boats” in one in a series of landscape paintings that focuses on ships at sea. This particular painting features bright, vivid colors as the sun shines down of sailboats at sea.
  • “Night” – Created in 2011, this painting is a part of the Variations series, which features a series of paintings examining different views of city life. This painting is a night-time look at the city that features bright, vivid colors and a crescent moon.

Kopania says she enjoys being a part of Artist Become it allows her to show her art to people around the world, “I just want to give people the joy of looking at the pictures and provide them with some food for thought.”

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