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National Gallery of Canada’s Rembrandt Exhibit is a Success

The new art exhibit, Rembrandt in Amsterdam: Creativity and Competition, brings many of the master’s art pieces to Canada for the first time. Running from July until September, it is no wonder that the show completely sold out. According to the curator, this exhibit focuses on the “central decades of the artist’s career within the context of the Amsterdam art market.”


The Man of Amsterdam

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn was an artist during the Dutch Golden Age and is best known for his complex historical and religious subjects and his highly unique portraits. He never left Amsterdam once he arrived. As such, his location heavily influenced his artistic style. Rembrandt also found inspiration from the Italian art that was popular in Holland during his career. Like many artists, he didn’t find financial success during his lifetime.


This exhibit is featuring the artist’s work from when he arrived in Amsterdam until the middle of the 17th century. It will feature many of his paintings and drawings, as well as pieces from his contemporaries. This helps provide more context for viewers. The show depicts the art scene in Amsterdam as a whole helped to form his body of work.


Exhibition Details

This is the first major Rembrandt exhibit since the 1960s. After being closed for months due to COVID, The National Gallery of Canada happily welcomed back visitors. Patrons purchase timed tickets and the gallery is only allowed to be filled to 50% capacity. The next stop on the tour for this exhibit will be in Germany until the beginning of the new year.


If you cannot see the fantastic Rembrandt exhibit in person, you can still browse our gallery of his best work and choose a piece to bring into your own home. We offer a wide variety of his portraits and religious paintings, including Storm on the Sea of Galilee and Return of the Prodigal Son. We are sure you will find something in the collection that makes you feel the inspiration of Amsterdam.

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