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Renoire’s Works Come Back to Guernsey

Low Tide at Yport Pierre-Auguste Renoir found inspiration while visiting the British island of Guernsey. This summer, a traveling exhibition called Renoir in Guernsey will be reuniting the art with the place that inspired it. The traveling exhibit will be focusing on the French Impressionist artist’s landscape paintings that he painted while on a month long trip to the location. The exhibition will be shown at  the island’s Candie Museum until December. It is part of a larger celebration, marking the anniversary of Renoir’s trip.

Pieces have been borrowed from a number of museums, including London’s National Gallery and the Cincinnati Art Museum. It is being run by the Art for Guernsey charity. It includes a number of paintings that are identical to landscapes that still exist on the small island. This beautiful locale has inspired many impressionist artist’s, including Claude Monet as well. During that time it was known as a destination for artist’s to vacation and renew their artistic creativity.Rose Garden

If you are not able to view this beautiful exhibit in person, you can browse our Renoir gallery to find some of his beautiful landscapes. Feel the warm breeze on a sunny day in the Seine at Chatou. Pick wild flowers in Garden in the Rue Cortot Montmartre or Picking Flowers. Listen to the ocean in Low Tide at Yport. You can almost smell the fragrance of the Rose Garden at Wargemont. Any one of these lovely landscapes will make you feel like you are enjoying the outdoors form the comfort of your home.

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