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Patricia Howitt, the Artist and Traveler

Patricia Howitt has lived a life of travel and adventure. She grew up in a military family and her father’s assignments spanned the globe. Her life started in London, but as a young child she moved to Scotland where she loved the wild nature that surrounded her in the hills and fields. In her teens, her father took a new assignment that brought them to Central Africa. The tension there became too much and her family decided to move again only a few years later, but she still remembers that place fondly. New Zealand is where she finally found a permanent home and has dug her roots deep there.

A passion for nature is evident in many of Patricia’s work and often she gets inspiration from her own surroundings.  Her home is a beautiful and rustic farm where she draws inspiration from the nature around her and happily raises sheep. She even shares pictures of them with her fans on social media. Often she likes to travel around New Zealand and get a different perspective of nature from various locations. This has led to one of her most popular collections, Wild New Zealand.

In addition to her real life landscapes and nature pieces, she also enjoys working with graphics for t-shirts, wallets and other items. Her art ranges from fantasy and Christian themed, to the well-known nature pieces that depict wild animals and lush landscapes. She also still does freelance work in the graphic design world. Patricia Howitt is an artist who showcases the world as a beautiful place and her audience can’t get enough.

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