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Tennessee Artist Michael Hitt Named’s June Artist of the Month

BEYONCE SUPER BOWL XLVII Artist Become (, the online community for creating, selling and buying artwork online where artists can create a profile and upload an unlimited quantity of artwork named Gallatin, Tennessee artist Micheal Hitt, its June 2013 Artist of the Month. After a long stint as a caricaturist at a Opryland, Hitt is now a full time artist and shows his works online and in Gallatin Furniture, in Gallatin, TN, and has been asked to show at Agora Gallery in New York City and the Tennessee Art League Gallery.

A self taught artist, who leans towards oil and enamel on canvas , Hitt has defined his unique style that shows in each work over his 20 years as an artist. Although he’s grown to love painting the human and animal face and body, he keeps leaning back to modern abstract and elegant scenery. Hitt describes his work as versatile – from abstract to realism – by mixing oils, acrylics and enamels. Inspired by eye-hand coordination, and the attention and line quality, he has a drive to make something appear with just a #2 pencil. Starting in High School, he dove into pencil work by drawing his favorite sports and political figures. As the class clown, he also had an urge to illustrate many of his teachers while they weren’t looking. He drew so much he eventually earned the nickname “Sketch”.

Hitt has 43 works of art in his personal gallery on Artist Become. When asked to pick three of his favorites Hitt chose:

A GOLDEN TRAIL- 4x5ft. Oil/acrylic/enamel on canvas
“This piece was an experimental work, at first. I wanted to practice depth by applying dark tones to the right then, as you walk to the light through the woods, I added satin white spray-paint to simulate the moon coming though. And, although this fictional and mysterious place is non-existent, you’ll wish you were there standing right in front of it. The golden trail is waiting for you to walk through it and I had a great time being there throughout the hours of creation. Well, one hour anyway. Sometimes the finest pieces come together faster than you can imagine them.”

KEITH URBAN – 4x5ft. Oil on canvas
“I had a very good reason to paint this one. My son and I, when I only had him on weekends, would drive in my truck singing his chart-toppers and his B-side songs. Although my little boy was only six, he learned every word of all Keith’s songs just to sing’em with Dad. And, now that he lives with me full time, I gave him any pick of what to paint next and he chose it. His music brings back many fun times we had. “Somebody Like You”, “You’ll Think of Me” and “You’re My Better Half” especially. We still sing them! Keith is an amazing talent that reaches us all with each message and that versatility is very difficult to pull off in his genre.”

FLAPPER MODEL – 4x6ft. Oil on canvas
FLAPPER MODEL by the Artist Michael Hughes“This model had to be painted. The era was 30’s depression as the fashion and flapper dancers and models were one of the only uplifting images media gave the country. Throughout the 40’s as well and, even today their style has proven timeless. The piece not only looks great with antique settings, it could also be displayed as a focal point in lobbies of the finest hotels.”

Hitt has an upcoming show in his native Nashville in September along with a few other artists and will feature his newest 50 piece collection in a 12,000 square ft. space with balconies, event lighting, and music throughout two stories. It will be a day and night long event that even includes the locally famed couture designer, Alain Patterson’s, newest collection. His fashion show will be, as always, elaborate and entertaining as ever. The runway will be enclosed by Hitts new works, many of which are 36”x80.”

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