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Winter Art Wonderland: Snow-Inspired Art Pieces to Warm Your Home

As the weather turns colder and winter blankets the world in snow, there’s a unique charm in bringing the serene beauty of snowy landscapes into your home. Picture yourself nestled indoors, wrapped in warmth, and gazing at art that captures the magic of winter. Here, we present a selection of our favorite snow-inspired art pieces to adorn your space.

Franz Marc-Dog Lying in the Snow

Dog Lying in the Snow by Franz Marc is a bright oil painting created by the famous German Expressionist painter. Marc took a unique approach to Expressionism in depicting a number of nature and animal subjects. His works are also noted for their incredibly intense and vivid color choices, even with seemingly docile subjects as he believed that animals were closer to God than humans.

Pierre Bonnard-The Garden in the Snow, Sunset

In The Garden in the Snow, Sunset, Pierre Bonnard captures an awe-inspiring moment where the sinking sun adds vibrant color to the sky. The light reflecting off the snow evokes a dreamy quality for which many of Bonnard’s famous works of art are known. This painting features the characteristic visible brush strokes of Impressionist works, but the bold colors make it appear more dramatic and urgent in nature.

Paul Cezanne-Melting Snow, Fontainebleau

There’s something endlessly fascinating about Melting Snow, Fontainebleau by Paul Cezanne. This work of art captures the artist’s preference for soft, muted tones. However, it takes it a step further with a mostly black and white landscape. It’s a scene that immediately draws you in and makes you wish you explore the enchanting landscape Cezanne has created.

Peggy Miller-Sleigh Ride

Sleigh Ride by Peggy Miller is a beautiful painting of winter landscape and sleighs dashing through the snow on their way to home. Peggy Miller is a self-taught artist that worked in many different artistic jobs from graphic design, costume design and many others. In her paintings she tries to capture a soft, beautiful, serene feeling that beauty of nature gives to her.

Hiroshige-Kozuke Province: Mount Haruna Under Snow

Hiroshige is widely considered to be the last great artist to work in the Japanese tradition of ukiyo-e. Kozuke Province: Mount Haruna Under Snow is a stunning snow scene was just one image in his series “Famous Views of the Sixty-odd Provinces”, which broke new ground by using a vertical format for landscapes.

Whether you’re in a snowy region or not, selecting a piece like these allows you to bask in the beauty of winter. For more unique winter art options, explore our winter art gallery. We’re confident you’ll discover the perfect piece to bring the season’s enchantment to life in your home.

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