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There is more than one way to be a romantic. Every person expresses their affection in a different way.  Art is a lot like love and comes in a wide variety of styles and subjects. This Valentine’s Day we would like to help you find the perfect piece of art to match your own romantic style and bring a little individualized passion in to your home. Below we have included some of our suggestions for the perfect piece, based on the type of romantic style that most closely matches your own.

Casual Romance

For those of you who enjoy quiet Sunday mornings, long walks on the beach or a movie at home.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec – In Bed The Kiss

This captivating piece of art by Toulouse-Lautrec features two lovers caught up in a passionate moment. It expresses the tender love shared by the couple, as though they were ignoring the outside world. It is a moment of pleasurable and sensual delight. They are just enjoying what time together they have, without a care in the world.

Edvard Munch – Kiss by the Window

In this image, the inner and outer worlds are contrasted. The only illumination comes from outside windows and inside, the couple locks in a timeless embrace. They are captured as they are retreating behind the curtain, away from the world and towards each other, with no concern for the hustle and bustle of society. This image of a romantic escape is a tasteful treasure.

Dramatic Romance

For those who often impress their loved ones with a theatrical flair, going over the top to show them their love and affection.

Gustav Klimt – The Kiss

The Gustav Klimt masterpiece depicts a couple surrounded by a gold blanket and ornaments sharing a moment of shear passion – the perfect kiss. Influenced by European avant-garde movements, Klimt’s mature style combines richly decorative surface patterning with complex symbolism and allegory, often with overtly erotic content. This work of art captures both intense emotions and striking beauty.

Lord Frederic Leighton – The Fisherman and the Syren

English artist Lord Frederic Leighton was best known for his body of work depicting historical, biblical and classical scenes. A hallmark of Leighton’s work is a sense of classical eroticism, and his Fisherman and the Syren exemplifies that. The image of a mythical creature luring a man with her magical charms exudes wonder and will fascinate any audience.

Daring Romance

For those who look for a little mystery in every situation and know how to keep their partner on their toes with excitement.

Mark Bennett – Tango II

Tango II shows a beautiful couple dancing the Tango and utilizes large brush strokes to really show the power in this striking pose. Bennett’s paintings are filled with emotion, desire and movement. The darkness of this piece is accentuated by the bold red and illumination of their expressions. The affect is one that will draw you into their world of mystery.

John Maler Collier – Lady Godiva

Lady Godiva depicts Lady Godiva nude on horseback and the story of this scene dates back to the 9th century. The subject is a woman who sacrifices her privacy in order to convince her husband to give the people relief from taxes. It is both bold and beautiful in its use of colors and details, showcasing this woman’s act of love.

Classic Romance

For those who love the classic romantic gestures and time tested gesture of love that always bring a smile to your partner’s face.

Francesco Hayez – The Kiss

The Kiss by Francesco Hayez remains one of the most iconic and romantic Italian paintings ever. This painting carries rich color, lush lighting effects, and a beautiful symbol of unity and affection. This memorable kiss has been repeated throughout the ages, but none had the sweetness of the original, which you can now hold on to for generations to come.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir – Dance in the City

Pierre-Auguste Renoir loved to paint dance scenes, and Dance in the City was completed in as a companion to Dance in The Country. Both pieces portray a dreaminess and tenderness that is utterly Victorian. This classical approach inspired by Raphael makes this work a romantic snapshot in time, capturing the timeless love of his subjects.

Rustic Romance

For the outdoorsy type looking for a partner to explore the wildest corners of the world together.

John Singer Sargent – An Out-of-Doors Study

An Out-of-Doors Study, 1889 is a beautiful painting by American expatriate artist John Singer Sargent originally made in 1889. John Singer Sargent was a painter who was best known for his portraits and his works include 900 oil paintings and more than 2,000 watercolors. In this piece he captures a moment of solitude between a couple enjoying the beautiful outdoors together.

Edouard Manet – Boating

Experience the pleasure and peace of sailing with Edouard Manet’s Boating. Manet depicted many modern-life subjects in his work, like this everyday scene of a man and woman enjoying an afternoon at sea. They both appear to be enjoying the weather, as well as each other company in a relaxed way.

If these aren’t quite the right scene to light your fire, explore our Romance gallery for more ideas. We are certain here at that we offer the right piece for every heartfelt emotion. Express your love with a beautifully hand painted piece today.

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