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Airbnb Rentals Inspired by Art

The world is beginning to open up and people are once again on the lookout for great places to stay while they travel. Hotels have often looked to art to create a memorable stay for their guests. Airbnb hosts are now having to go above and beyond to put their homes at the top of the list. One way to do that is to use art as inspiration for a home’s décor.  Here are some places that have taken art to a whole new level in vacation rentals.

Airbnb Rentals with an Artful Twist


Palazzo Berardi: Renaissance Downtown Luxury Villa

Located in the heart of Rome, this apartment is inside an aristocratic building dating back to the 1600s. As a result, the inside is decorated in Italian Renaissance style. The rental includes four levels, going from the ground floor to the Winter Garden Level, the Mezzanine, and the Terrace and Events Level. The five bedrooms it contains are on the Winter Garden Level. The origins of Berardi (Guglielmi) palace are linked to the ancient Roman family of the Multi. The artwork includes a large mural in the main living room and Renaissance-inspired paintings in many of the rooms.


Sunny & Spacious RealAirism in Central Apartment

This rental is located in the bustling city of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom. It boasts modern amenities and décor, with cleans lines and vibrant colors. In the bedroom, there are vintage portraits with humorous COVID details added to them. Certainly, the overall appeal is the amount of detail in all of the pieces. The views outside the window are stunning, but the art gives you something else that is equally beautiful to view.


Garden Studio in Giverny

One of history’s most famous Impressionists, Claude Monet, created some of his best works in the gardens of Giverny in France. Immerse yourself in the same beauty that inspired him in this studio apartment set inside its own garden. This apartment is located inside an 18th century home next to a hillside garden, which you can admire from the windows just as Monet did from his own flat back then. Although there is no artwork hanging in the home, you can see the real-life beauty that inspired Monet.


Van Gogh Room: Sleep in a Painting

Recreated to look like the room depicted in Bedroom at Arles, by Vincent Van Gogh, this rental in Arles, France will make you feel like you are there. Tiny details, from the vintage bedframe to the portrait of Van Gogh on the wall are carefully matched to the painting. In addition, even the colors of the blue walls, green window frame, and red blanket were chosen to match. When you step inside this room, you feel as if you are living inside a masterpiece. Live as Van Gogh did in mind and fall asleep surrounded by his vision in this quiet little rental room.

If you decide to venture out into the world, you might want to consider one of these amazing art-inspired Airbnb rentals. If you would rather stay home and relax in the comfort of your own space, browse our best sellers gallery for a little inspiration. You can create a great space for a staycation.

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