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Lorena Perez: Modern Cubism

Lorena Perez is a South American artist who paints in the Cubist style, modeling much of her art after the famous painter Pablo Picasso.  She considers herself to be a multidimensional artist who has won the prestigious Emerging Visual Artist of the year award in Chile. She has work shown in both a collective exhibition, as well as her own individual exhibition. Her art is done with both acrylic paints, as well as pencil drawings.

Much of her inspiration comes from the cubist movement, which was founded by artists like Pablo Picasso. It is a way of using dimension and shape to distort the appearance of a subject, while still remaining identifiable. She feels like this style gives her more freedom of expression and allows her to connect with her subjects better. In her pieces she also uses the vibrant acrylic colors to add more life and energy to the art. They evoke strong emotions of joy and creative wonder at the world. It is her goal to touch her audience’s soul with her brush.

Perhaps you will enjoy the maternal expression in Maternity or the excitement of Joy. Imagine you can hear the sweet melody being played in El Guitarrista. The sentimental and romantic shapes used in Love will inspire you. While the rich colors used in Flames will enchant you. Any of the pieces in her gallery would add a contemporary flair to your home or office.

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