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Svetlana Tikhonova: Modern Myths and Legends

Svetlana Tikhonova is a contemporary artist from Belarus – the homeland of another famous artist, Marc Chagall. She traveled throughout Europe and was greatly inspired by the tales of each nation’s people. Her work combines a bright, expressive, and modern flavor with a lasting appreciation for timeless beauty and mysticism. In her gallery you’ll find a wonderful showcase of intimate and vibrant portraits, modern re-imaginings of folklore, and sleek, luminous cityscapes.

Tikhonova studied art in the studio of Tolmachev M.S and had the chance to participate in exhibits in Japan and Poland. She advanced her education to include studies in design and décor. Svetlana also spent an extensive amount of time traveling, learning what she could from cultures around the world. This has given her a very well rounded understanding of art and the world it plays a part in. Currently, she has exhibits in Miami, Florida and Algrange, France.

Svetlana is fascinated by history, myths and legends. She hopes that her artwork can convey the same level of emotion that these things hold. Her pieces use large strokes of paint, without the use of sketches beforehand, to capture the emotion she feels in the moment of conceptualization. Things like love, joy and sadness can be fleeting, so she doesn’t want to miss any of it by planning things out ahead of time.

Tikhonova focuses on the emotion more than the subject, so she offers a wide variety of images to choose from. She has portraits that offer dreamlike characters such as Venus Tears and Dreamcatcher. There are some famous faces presented in a unique way that are still identifiable such as Woody Allen and Glance. Then there are the mesmerizing landscapes, such as Quiet Rainy Street and City Coast. So many of her pieces are giving the audience a sense of fantasy, like the Uncharted, Crack in the Void, and Snowman Online. She even captures each season in a perfect setting with Winter, Spring, and Summer.

You could spend hours in her gallery admiring each piece and how different it is from the others. She will delight you with her use of colors and textures, while invoking such rich emotion in each piece. Find just the right mood to hang in your own home and feel the whole room change.

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