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As 2019 comes to end, we here at think we have had an amazing year full of great contemporary artists. Although we predominately sell reproductions of the old masters, we are always looking for new and innovative artists to showcase to our diverse customers. This year, our top selling artist overall was Justyna Kopania, one of our favorite contemporary painters. That shows us that there is a growing audience for new up and coming talent. Here are some of the other great contemporary artists we think you will love.

Frederic Kohli: Beauty in Structure

Frederic Kohli is a retired engineer and businessman. He has produced a wide variety of artwork over the past 20 years, including paintings, drawings, and photography. Frederic is a WWII veteran and he lives in Florida with his wife Elizabeth, who is also an accomplished artist. Many of his artworks are currently held by collectors in the United States and Europe. His early work includes paintings of a range of subjects from lighthouse seascapes to scenic landscapes of mountains, lakes, beaches, desert and tropical vistas. He also had a number of pieces that included impressionist floral scenes and he has some photographic work that includes cloud formations and colorful flower blossoms.

Tom Arvis: The Art of the Comic

Tom Arvis is a popular comic book artist located in Washignton D.C.. He independently publishes his own comics under the label Sureshot Comics and covers a wide variety of topics. He had a humorous comic strip called “Roommates” that ran in the James Madison University (newspaper?) while he was attending and even a few semesters after his graduation. He has also worked as a graphic designer for companies such as Geico, the EPA, National Wildlife Foundation, and 7-Eleven. His passion though, is the comic book industry and he doesn’t regret his decision to go independent, allowing him to have steady work in that field. He has a flare for the literary  and a passion for sport, but all of his pieces are full of bright colors and amazing energy.

Dan Avenell: Pop Art that Pops

Dan Avenell is a contemporary artist that lives and works in London. He has been an artist for more than twenty years and has an extensive background in commercial illustration. He most commonly uses pen and ink to start, with additional digital altering afterwards, but he has also used acrylics, oils, and silk-screening. He often uses famous figures in his art, which makes it appealing to a wide audience of fans. Subjects of his work often include comic characters, famous musicians, actors, and movie characters. The themes are always easy to identify and popular with any age group.

Lorena Perez: Modern Cubism

Lorena Perez is a South American artist who paints in the Cubist style, modeling much of her art after the famous painter Pablo Picasso.  She considers herself to be a multidimensional artist who has won the prestigious Emerging Visual Artist of the year award in Chile. She has shown work in both a collective exhibition, as well as her own individual exhibition. Her art is done with both acrylic paints, as well as pencil drawings. Much of her inspiration comes from the cubist movement, which was founded by artists like Pablo Picasso and is defined by using dimension and shape to distort the appearance of a subject, while still remaining identifiable.

Deliara Yesieva: Modern Pointilism

Originally born in Russia, Deliara Yesieva currently lives and works in Sante Fe, New Mexico. She is an illustrator, painter and graphic designer, and has worked for many notable publishers and comic book designers. Yesieva paints abstract, landscape and Plein Air paintings on a large scale, and has a special talent for the use of color in creating atmosphere in her pieces. Many of her pieces use a well-known technique where the image is created by layering dots in different colors. This technique is called Pointillism and this style is meant to encourage you to look at a piece both at a distance and up close, to show how perspective can change the way art appears.

Marnie Bourque: Finding Joy in the Little Things

Marnie Bourque is a modern artist who lives and working in Sterling, Connecticut. She remembers that art had always been a part of her childhood and she now shares that passion with her own children. Her formal education was in an unrelated field, but painting was always a driving force in her life and she now enjoys making into a successful career. Much of her art is inspired by the small town she lives in and the beautiful little details she finds in it every day. Bourque has a talent for showcasing pieces of small town life in vivid brightness, using her signature style of blurred details but beautiful composition.

Kerri Nathwani: The Natural Beauty in Everything

This self-taught artist lives on the western coast of Scotland and draws her inspiration from those surroundings. She began painting when she was in her teens and considers it a life-long passion. Landscapes are her preferred subject, but she captures people with such warmth and depth to make them come to life. Nathwani loves to create using oil paints because she believes it gives the best finished product. Her artwork is available online, but she is also able to exhibit it in local galleries near her home in Scotland. Nathwani’s art is known for her use of soft colors and attention to detail. She includes landscapes, flowers and people as her subjects, but the pictures she has of children are especially endearing.

Corne Akkers: Creating “Roundism”

Corne Akkers is an artist that currently resides in the Netherlands and was interested in art as child, but decided to pursue a law degree until he rediscovered his first love in 2000. His works are primarily with graphite pencils, pastels and oil paints. Galleries such as Galerie Brugman and Galerie Ludens, in Voorburg as well as galleries in China run exhibits of his work. He has a wide variety of subjects, but the pieces that include people are mesmerizing. Corne captures them in ways that go beyond their physical descriptions. Corne has created his own style, that he calls “roundism”  described it as being a mixture of cubist elements without the multiple perspectives, but adding atmospheric depth. He likes to capture the way light plays off of his subjects, especially the female body. That is why so many of his pieces are portraits of various women, both famous and unknown.

Kateryna Bortsova: The Study of Beauty in Life

Kateryna Bortsova is a modern artist that lives in the Ukraine. She has attended many schools but considers her life experience an important part of her education as well. Although most of her life she has stayed in her hometown in the Ukraine, she has traveled to Serbia and Montenegro, which she considered a unique and meaningful experience. Learning, growing and changing are things that this artist considers part of life and she hopes that it will help her art to continue to evolve as time goes by. She has elegant portraits, full of life and energy as well as mixed media pieces and beautiful landscapes.

Celito Medeiros: Creating the World in Color

Born to Brazilian farmers in 1951, Celito Medeiros first studied engineering, but eventually found his passion in art and is now a successful painter. He has enjoyed a career that spans decades and has reached those across the world. A long list of awards have been given to him, as well as having his art shown in prestigious museums such as the Great Hall of Fine Arts of the Carrousel du Louvre. Medeiros art is vibrant and colorful, with a wonderful way of capturing scenes we often take for granted in our daily lives. The fact that he uses digital media to create the surreal images is often innovative and surprising. His subjects can be varied but they are all tied together by the bold hues he uses.

These are only a small selection of the amazing prints on canvas that we offer in the contemporary style. Each month we select a new artist, full of fresh ideas and wonderful creativity, to spotlight as our Artist of the Month. We want to support the growing art community and bring modern art pieces to every collection. Feel free to check back during the 2020 year to see what exciting new art we will have to offer.

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