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Modern Oil Paintings

Art is nothing without creativity and rebellion, and modern art exemplifies these traits to the highest extent. Explore a selection of colorful shapes, abstract scenes and thought provoking representations of everyday life, all created using new and exciting techniques by history's most innovative painters. OverstockArt's modern oil paintings include works by great modern artists such as Gustav Klimt and newer painters like Lisa Carney to give you a collection of modern art that is both fresh and traditional.

Sir Philip Sasson, 1923
A Capriote
Le Chahut, 1889-1890
Gray Weather
The Circus 1890-91
At Bistrot
Basque Landscape
The Virgin
Autumn (Umbrellas)
The Kiss (Full View - Luxury Line)
Apple Tree I
The Tree of Life, Stoclet Frieze, 1909 (Luxury Line)
Malcesine on Lake Garda
Church in Cassone (Landscape with Cypress)
Schloss Kammer on Attersee
High Poplar
Night Hawks, 1942
The Kiss (Full View - Luxury Line)
Golden Apple Tree (Luxury Line)
Paris Nude Pre-Framed
Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, 1907 (Luxury Line)
The Scream
Fishing off the Mediterranean II
Angels II
Apple Tree I
The Red Deer
Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer 1, 1907
Lavender Turmoil
Pallas Athene (Luxury Line)
Gas, 1940
Avenue in Schloss Kammer Park
Tree of Life (Luxury Line)
Posture of Thought
Cornflowers 45
The Virgin
The Kiss (Full view)
Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte
Beech Forest I
The Tree of Life, Stoclet Frieze, 1909
Brooklyn Bridge, Afternoon
Ballerina I
Farm Garden with Sunflowers
Judith Klimt I
The Long Leg
Abstract Cellist Pre-Framed
After the Bath IV
Fate of the Animals Pre Framed
Sea Serpents IV (modest)
Portrait of Jeanne Hebuterne
Portrait of Woman in Hat
Church in Cassone (Landscape with Cypress) Oil Painting
Water Serpents II (detail)
Signora con Ventaglio Interpretation
Abstract Guitarist Pre-Framed
Malcesine on Lake Garda
The Kiss (full view - Luxury Line)
Tree of Life (Luxury Line)
Tango II
The Dream
The Tree of Life, Stoclet Frieze, 1909 Pre-Framed
Rooms by The Sea
Tree of Life
The Apple Tree
Agaric Flying Dutchman
The Kiss (Luxury Line)
The Kiss (Full View - Luxury Line)
The Scream
Schloss Kammer on Attersee
The Kiss (Full view)
Water Lilies
Le Bal au Moulin-Rouge
Digigeo 5
Nudo Disteso
Girl With Red Hair
Jeanne Hebuterne with Hat and Necklace
Beech Forest I
Angels III
Tree of Life (Luxury Line)
He Gave Me The Brightest Star
Sea Serpents IV (modest - Luxury Line)
The Bewitched Mill
The Kiss (Luxury Line)
Dempsey and Firpo
Water Serpents I (Luxury Line)
Unterach on Lake Atter,1915
Flowered Village
Angels III
The Kiss Pre-Framed
The Kiss (Full view)
The Kiss (Luxury Line)
Signora con Ventaglio Interpretation
Abstract 6611702
Death and the Maiden
City 201
Seascape 675060
Sea Serpents IV (Luxury Line)
South Carolina Morning
The Kiss (Full view)
Seascape 671101
Digigeo 1
The Macke Garden at Bonn (Gartenbild)
Tree of Life
Bride and Groom
Abstract 96452
Abstract 8821503
Geo Horizon 12
Room in New York
Death and the Maiden
Lady with Hat and Feather Boa
Abstract 6789
Strength and Care
Deepest Fullness
Sea Serpents IV
The Kiss (Luxury Line)
Woman Walking in an Exotic Forest
Railroad Sunset
Water Serpents II (detail)
Abstract 563180
Seated Nude, 1917
Abstract 1811806
Black Feather Hat
A Carnival Evening
Portrait of Mada Primavesi
Early Sunday Morning
Poppy Field
Life is a Dance in The Rain
Digigeo 4
Tree of Life
Sunlight on Brownstones
Fulfillment - The Embrace (Luxury Line)
The Kiss
Seated Lady
Red Poppies 451140
Pearl Ocean
SPB 203
The Kiss
Route 6, Eastham
Malcesine on Lake Garda
Avenue in Schloss Kammer Park
Still Life with Breton Pottery
Geo Horizon 3
Judith Klimt I (Luxury Line)
Abstract 1811807
The Fox
Farm Garden with Sunflowers
Summer Romance II
Kalinkin Bridge (SPB 801)
After the Bath
Hope II (Full View)
Portrait of Woman in Hat Pre-Framed
Nude 452110
Leaving the Bath
Has Anyone Seen Shizaru
At the Moulin Rouge, La Goulue with Her Sister
The passenger in cabin 54
An Arrangement
Portrait of Diego Rivera 2
Poppy Field
Abstract 884512
Danae (Luxury Line)
Fauve Still Life
The Harvest Moon
Moving Water
Angels II
Girl Friends
Easter Snow 
Saint-Petersburg (SPB 202)
La Bal Bullier
Crouched Forms
Seated Man
Seated Dancer in Profile
Abstract 6611601
Nude Lying on the Back
Early Sunday Morning Pre-Framed
Portrait of a Man with Hat (Jose Pacheco )
Flowers in a White Vase
Portrait of Madam Pompadour, 1915
The Kiss - Pre-Framed Gold
Here Comes The Rain
New York Restaurant
The Black Cape
Landscape on the Teggernsee with a Reading man
The Sleeping Gypsy Pre Framed
Embrace II (Vertical)
Lighthouse at Two Lights
Fishing Classic
Mutter und Kind
Lunia Czechovska
Landscape, Southern France
Hope For The Future
Landscape Autumn
Chicken in a Nest (Poule dans un nid)
Model with a Japanese Fan
Fauve Landscape Landscape near Oberstdorf - Autumn
Fenced Landscape
The Golden Knight
Liegende Frau mit roter Hose und Stehender Weiblicher Akt
Bankes of the Oise
Frans Hellens
Still Life with Pomegranate and Bananas
Cape Cod Evening
Summer Evening
Flowers in a Glass Vase
Beethoven Frieze (detail)
Tree Path Classic
Fate of the Animals
House in a Landscape
Vision After the Sermon; Jacob Wrestling with the Angel
Tree of Life
Death in the Sick Chamber
Night Windows
Girl in White
High Winds at the Point
Eclaireurs Attaques par un Tigre
Beethoven Frieze
Modigliani, Self-Portrait
September Morning
Cape Cod Afternoon
Gramercy Park, 1920
Fauve Landscape with Rolling Hills
The Scream Pre-Framed
Crescent of Houses
Fulfillment - The Embrace
Chop Suey
The City
Head of a Young Girl
Beethoven Frieze (Luxury Line)
Judith Klimt II
Wild Sunrise
Max Jacob
Abstract 96319012
Hope II (Full View) Pre Framed
The Sleeping Gypsy
Geo Horizon 78
Tree of Life
Abstract 1811803
Inside The Volcano
Abstract 318010
The Kiss (Luxury Line)
Malcesine on Lake Garda,1913
Opal Realm
Death and the Maiden
Cottage Garden with Crucifix (Luxury Line)
Still Life
Abstract 56452
Geo Horizon 105
At the Moulin Rouge Two Women Waltzing
Geo Horizon 9
Paul Guillaume
The Englishman at the Moulin Rouge
Dream of Jacob
He Gave Me The Brightest Star
The Apple Tree
Flamenco IV
Gun is Mind
Pendio Montano a Unterach
Tree of Life
After The Shower
Rebirth and Falling
Poppy Field
Deer in the Forest
Farm Garden with Sunflowers
The Dancer
Church in Cassone
The Dream
Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer I (Luxury Line)
Le tre eta della donna (Mother and Child)
The Artist's Wife
Young Girl 662111
Abstract 96532
The Scream
Stag Night at Sharkey's
Expectation (Luxury Line)
The White Horse
White Flowers 56
Death and Life
Island In lake Atter, Around 1901
Pushing Free
The Tree of Life, Stoclet Frieze, 1909 (Triptych)
At the Nouveau Cirque the Dancer and Five Stuffed Shirts
Lady in an Armchair
Inner Reflections
Gold Fish (Luxury Line)
Love (Luxury Line - Custom)
Gold Fish (Luxury Line - Custom)
Beethoven Frieze (Luxury Line - Custom)
Fulfillment (Luxury Line - Custom)
Sacred Feminine Geo Horizon Series
The Golden Knight
Geo Horizon 10
Old Farmyard, Toodleums
Emerald Mist
Geo Horizon 23
Mer Tourmantee
The Eiffel Tower
Woman Pulling up her Stocking
Cafe Scene
Spanish Galions on Fire
Portrait of Anna Zborovska
Road in Maine
The Kiss (Full View)
Cornimont 67
Digigeo 2
Portrait of Diego Rivera
Portrait of Picasso
Woman With A Fan
Abstract 1811804
Geo Horizon 102
Farmhouse At Kammer
The Cellist
Water Serpents II (detail - Luxury Line)
Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer I (Luxury Line)
Black White
Schloss Kammer on Attersee
High Poplar
Time of King
Floral Still Life
Fighting Forms
Summer Romance I
Spatial Denial
Geo Horizon 7
Venice (custom)
Abstract 665055
Design for a Wall Decoration
Two Girls with an Oleander (detail-left)
Abstract 6941201
Abstract 673121
Abstract 6431902 (2)
Abstract 665888
Abstract 6431902
Abstract 1811801
Abstract 69319056
Abstract 070406
Girl Friends
The Kiss (full view - Luxury Line)
Abstract 181113

These modern oil paintings from overstockArt are exact replicas of the original works. They are hand-painted using only the finest oil paints, matching each detail with perfect precision. Each painting comes on artist-grade canvas in a variety of sizes, from very large 36-inch by 24-inch rectangles to smaller 24-inch by 20-inch paintings. OverstockArt also offers you the option of framing your new modern oil painting, with dozens of different frames to choose from. Enhance and protect your painting with an elaborately detailed metallic frame, a wide, flat wooden frame, or even an eco-friendly frame that looks great and protects the environment.

Modern art is a very expansive movement, but generally includes pieces created between the 1860s and 1970s. These paintings disregard traditional styles and techniques in favor of experimentation, and they during this time many of history's most innovative and important paintings were created. Henri Rousseau's surreal representations of nature scenes use bright colors and large, exaggerated shapes to create paintings that are interesting and eye-catching. One of the masters of modern art, Vincent van Gogh, used pops of color and visible brush strokes to capture feelings of life and energy. In a more abstract style, Franz Marc's paintings feature unique shapes and clean lines against smooth, flowing strokes that create a feeling of movement that uses the entire space of the canvas.

No matter your taste, modern art encompasses a wide range of styles and subjects to appeal to all art collectors. overstockArt's selection of hand-painted reproductions includes famous works by the world's most appreciated artists, all at an unbeatable value.

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I ordered Monet's Artist's Garden at Giverny framed. The frame was excellent quality and the painting was as beautiful as the original, although I would have preferred that the paint be applied with a heavier hand. Shipping was prompt and packaging was bomb-proof. Thanks for a stunning piece for my home!
Jane, New York

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